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Taking Care of Your Wild

#Selfcaresundays are my JAM. I truly believe that you cannot pour from an empty cup, which is why it's incredibly important to take care of yourself before giving back to others. There is so much more to loving yourself than a luxurious bath or day of the week though. When I first started my own healing, I had to come to ask, why wasn't the bubble bath working? The bottle of wine? The numbing of Netflix? What I had to come to terms with was, I couldn't numb myself and call it loving myself. I didn't think I was worth the time, my worth was linked to what I could do or provide to others. It didn't matter if I took care of myself. That wasn't an overnight revelation for me, but I did do the work to realize where it stemmed from and how to heal from it. Sometimes taking care of yourself means reframing:

  • I have to workout becomes, I workout and move because I love my body and everything it does to support me.

  • I have to wash my face becomes, I wash my face because I am worth the commitment and deserve to take care of myself.

  • I have to read more becomes, I read more because it nourishes my mind and I want to continue learning so I can grow.

  • I have to meditate more becomes, I want to meditate because it helps me find new perspective and calm my mind.

  • I'm exhausted, but don't want to say no to my friends becomes, I deserve to take care of myself without needing to explain my decisions to others.

There are many ways to find a new appreciation for the daily routines you implement and know that you are worthy of the time, commitment and boundaries you may need to take care of yourself.


Below are some things you can try throughout your day or week to gain momentum in creating time and space to take care of yourself.

1 - 5 Minutes






Dance Party

Make a Smoothie

Drink a Glass of Water

Write a Gratitude List

Get Some Fresh Air

Light a Candle or Incense

Make a Cup of Tea or Coffee

Roll On/Diffuse Some Oils

Buy Yourself Some Flowers

Watch a Funny Youtube Clip

Send Someone a Kind Note or Text

Stand in the Sun and Take Deep Breaths

10 - 30 Minutes



Take a Walk

Take Sexy Selfies

Give Yourself a Mani/Pedi

Listen to an Audiobook or Podcast

Connect with a Friend

Check on Your Goals or To Do List

Create a Bad B*tch Playlist, Cause You're a Baddie & You Know It

Pamper Yourself with a Face Mask

Clean Out Your Closet & Drawers

Make Yourself a Delicious Snack

Move Your Body (Yoga/Dance/Gym)

Unsubscribe from Annoying Emails

Declutter Your Social Media Feed

30 - 60+ Minutes


Go For a Hike

Play a Game

Take a Nap

Get a Massage

Watch a Show

Meal Prep

Take an Online Class

Crush an Intense Workout

Plan a Fun Day or Getaway

Cook or Bake Something New

Update or Create a Vision Board

Take a Break From Your Phone

Take a Luxurious Bubble Bath

Make a List of Stressors & How You Want to Support Yourself Through Them

Research Something You've Wanted to Try


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