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Full Moon Rituals

Don't you just love a full moon? There's something so beautiful about watching the moon change day over day, as if it's constantly telling you, you too can change. Like the moon, the human experience is a building and unraveling, a phased approach to becoming whole and breaking down once more to rebuild. On this full moon, I offer you some of my favorite rituals to guide you in your own unraveling.

Moon Magic

  • Use the moon to charge your crystals, water or other personal items

  • Take a moonlight walk

  • Release people, situations, emotions or control to the full moon - through a letter, list or other preferred method - burn the list or tear it into pieces and allow it to dissolve into water, surrendering what is not serving you to the universe and moon

Create a Sacred Space

  • Light some candles

  • Get fresh flowers

  • Roll on some oils

  • Use oracle or tarot cards


  • Visualize your dreams

  • Observe the moon

  • Journal

  • Do Yoga

  • Paint

  • Take a Bath

  • Create a gratitude list for the things you've wished or manifested previously. Read the entire list once done and say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You as you read each one

Cleanse Your Space

  • Burn incense, palo santo

  • Open the window after any burning to allow stagnant energy to leave with the smoke

  • Smudge yourself with sage, lavendar or your preferred cleansing

  • Create post its, update your vision board or set reminders for new affirmations

Some of my favorite affirmations include

I choose to cleanse myself and release what is no longer serving me.

I surrender my fear, insecurities and doubts.

I release all lower vibrational frequencies and situations which do not serve me.

I release obstacles on my path, including my own limiting beliefs.

I release all beliefs, relationships, and people that no longer serve my highest good.

As I choose to release each of these and anything else that does not serve me, I ask for it to be transmuted into love and healing towards my highest good.


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