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Ready to become a 

boundaries badass?

Boundaries are an act of self love, a gift to those around you and a gift to yourself. Boundaries set the standard for how others are allowed to treat you and how you treat yourself. Whether you feel confident in setting them or they terrify the sh*t out of you, you will benefit from this workshop. 

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like you?

Does this sound

  • Constantly putting yourself on the back-burner of your own life

  • Feel good about boundaries in some parts of your life, but not all

  • You put focus on others needs before checking in with your own

  • Hoping others will recognize your boundaries even though you haven't communicated them

  • Saying no, is...not really an option

  • Feeling burnt out, resentful and frustrated with how those around you are behaving

  • Boundaries belong on a map, not in your life

  • People pleasing is my current operating procedure

My intention for you 

in this experience...
  • You walk away able to identify when a boundary is truly needed

  • You feel confident in how to create that boundary from a space of love and value for yourself and those impacted

  • You feel know how to support yourself in setting that boundary with those involved both mentally and emotionally

  • You have tools and techniques to help you regulate your emotional state when setting new boundaries

  • You gain insight to some of the underlying reasons why boundaries can feel hard, frustrating or even scary 

  • You walk away feeling empowered to identify your needs and express those needs


This is available for you and I know that because I've been there too and have grown using these methods.


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Self Led Modules - $222

Lifetime Access to Course Including Any Future Updates

Module 1 - Welcome to the Course

Module 2 - Accessing Safety Meditation

Module 3 - Boundaries Overview & Understanding Codependency

Module 4 - Identifying Boundaries

Module 5 - Creating Boundaries

Module 6 - Setting & Reinforcing Boundaries

Module 7 - Regulation Techniques 

Each module includes video and audio recordings to watch or listen at your own pace. Additional exercises in video, audio and pdf formats are also included to give you practical application for boundary setting.

what's included?

Upgrade to VIP: One Month of Telegram Coaching + Course - $333

($277 Total Value)

Telegram is an app that allows text, voice & video communication with the ability to upload files and additional resources as needed. Through Telegram, I can support you within my office hours Monday thru Friday 11 am - 4 pm. This is a great option if you want to test what it's like to have support from a coach or you would specifically like support with the boundaries you are navigating. 

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What wild hearts are saying...


Meet your coach,

Kaila is a Master Practitioner  in NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E Techniques, Hypnosis and Success & Life Coaching.


I've has spent years in the work, healing my own wounds and growing out of my prior identity as an over achieving, people pleasing, perfectionist. My goodness was I good at it, but I was drained, exhausted, angry and felt invisible unless I was fulfilling someone else's needs. I wanted to share this course as a tool for you connect with yourself and to allow you to develop more authentic, honest and respectful relationships with those in your life and with yourself. You are worthy of having your needs heard and met, it all starts with you.

Course Specifics

Module 1

Module 5

Welcome to the Course, module overview and introduction to your coach, Kaila Bayes

Examples of boundaries, scripting exercises to help you formulate your boundaries in a way that is authentic to you.

A guided meditation leading you to a safe place within your mind and body. 

Determining logistics of setting a boundary and how to effectively reinforce a boundary when setting one. 

Total Value: $1555

Seven nervous system regulation techniques allowing you to align yourself with confidence, self love, releasing guilt, dearmouring triggers and releasing energetic ties to those you're connected to.

What are boundaries? What is codependency & codependency exercise to reframe habits.

How to identify when you need to set a boundary. Four identification techniques ranging from emotional focus to goal oriented focuses for boundary setting.

Module 4

Your Total Investment: $222
Upgrade to VIP & Get 1 Month of Pocket Coaching via Telegram: $333

Module 2

Module 3

Module 6

Module 7

Boundaries are a love language and you deserve to be loved.

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