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What is the Wild Hearts Movement?

Wild Hearts Movement is a dream of mine, truly, the name came to me in a dream. I've spent years being told how I should act, who I should be, how someone in "x" role should behave. Society, friends, family, frenemies, ex-boyfriends, teachers, bosses, mentors, leaders, media, coworkers, new partners, someone walking down the street, you name them, they have an opinion of you and who you should be. Sometimes with good intentions, sometimes because they have their own fears, realities or subconscious drivers that are pushing their opinions. Wild Hearts Movement is for the free, the liberated, the authentic, those who are tired of looking to external validation and causes to drive who they are. Those who are ready to shed the shame, guilt, self doubt and societal cages so many have tried to restrict them in.

How do I know if I'm a Wild Heart?

I would aim to bet if you're here, you are, truly, we all are. Some of us are ready to stir things up, ready to embrace everything someone tries to tell us is wrong or shameful or different.

Some of the things I've been told that made my wild heart scream:

  • You're a yoga teacher, I can't believe you cuss

  • You should hide your body, it's distracting

  • I can't believe you teach pole dancing and have a corporate job

  • You should smile more

  • So now that you're sober...what do you do for fun? You like... don't go out anymore do you?

We are beautiful, complex, sensual, multi-faceted, multi-passioned beings who are capable of more than any individual box someone attempts to put us in and we deserve, even more, it is our right to live as whole heartedly and wild as we see fit. Hear me when I say, wild is not something that makes you cringe because it doesn't align with you. Some versions of wild could be, wearing what you want as a mom when society tells you, you shouldn't or going out dancing into the wee hours of the night sober, because you're sober, not dead.


There's no right or wrong way to do this, living in your authenticity is the aim, embracing who you truly are is the end game. You have to give yourself permission to embrace all aspects of you and only you can do that.


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