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Ready to ascend to your

highest self?

6 sessions to identify, heal, align and take action with your wild soul. 

Ground into Your Wild is a container for you to dive deep into what is holding you back, identify who you truly want to be and take intentional action to become her. No more reading another self development book and quitting on yourself before you’ve even started, it’s time babe, you’ve got a life to live! 

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like you?

Does this sound

  • Constantly putting yourself on the back-burner of your own life?

  • Hoping confidence/happiness/self love will come after a certain event or clothing size?

  • Making a list of habits, plans, things you swear you’re going to do for yourself, but not sticking to them?

  • Lacking clarity on your next career move or big decision?

  • Saying no, is...not really an option.

  • Constantly comparing your life to others and feeling alone?

  • Boundaries belong on a map and are a foreign concept for you


  • You were able to identify and flip the switch of your subconscious mind to work to your greatest interest instead of holding you back.

  • You were comfortable and confident in saying no. As a complete sentence, no additional explanation needed.

  • You actually loved taking care of yourself and it didn’t feel like a chore or something you’d get around to eventually, but rather a loving practice that benefits you and those you love.

  • You felt aligned and confident in taking time for yourself and had less FOMO when you said no to going out. 


This is 100% possible for you and I know that because I've been there too and have grown using these methods.

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What wild hearts are saying...


Have you ever

wondered why you continuously

under commit

to yourself and 

over deliver

to everyone else?

Stop wondering babe, it’s time you say yes to you!

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Ground into Your Wild

I created

for you!

Ground into Your Wild to help you dive into your limiting beliefs and take action on shifting those through proven tools. This 6-week program will have you falling in love with the person you’re becoming and give you actionable tasks to become her. 

Ground into Your Wild

So what is


Ground into Your Wild is my signature program where we will spend 6- 1:1 sessions together .

We will use a series of tools, including neuro linguistic programming (NLP), emotional freedom technique (EFT), Clinical Hypnosis, Yoga, and personalized self love commitments between sessions to shift your beliefs, subconscious thought patterns and routines to align with the person you want to become! Little secret, you already are her, we just have to dust her off a bit to let her shine. 

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By the end of this program

you will feel...

3. Transcendent and


1. Clear and


4. Shifted and 


2. Aligned and


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Here's the program

Session One

We will establish a base line of where you currently are in all areas of your life and then identify your main focus. We will use a technique called Creating Achievable Outcomes to drive subconscious alignment towards your goal.

Session Two

We will focus on identifying your limiting beliefs and stories holding you back from achieving your goal. We'll also identify your primary human needs at this point in your life and if they are the same needs to serve you moving forward.

Session Five

This is where you will step into the new you. Developing an action plan and support system to allow you to transcend your old life and act as the person you are becoming. 

Session Six

This is your awakening, your confirmation of transformation. Meeting your higher self face to face and affirming your goals are 100% already yours, you just needed to show up for them. 

Session Three

We will use a series of tools and techniques to release deep fears and limiting beliefs. Peeling back the layers to determine your deepest level of identity driven by fear and creating shifts in your subconscious mind. 

Session Four

Here is where we being to reprogram. We'll finish shedding the old and focus on the new you by installing your new beliefs and patterns that will serve you. 



what's included?

Live & Recorded Video Calls


6-1:1 50 minute recorded sessions. You will be responsible for scheduling your 1:1 sessions with me so if you cannot make the time you choose, we can reschedule as needed.  


Personalized Meditation  

Based on your primary goals, we'll create a meditation or hypnosis for you to listen to consistently to drive subconscious alignment.

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Access to Me Through Voxer

We all know what it's like to need help in real time instead of waiting for your next session. Voxer is a free messaging app that will allow me to support you on an ongoing basis and between sessions. 

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What wild hearts are saying...

WHM Hero
Ground into Your Wild

Enroll in



Don’t keep putting yourself off, you are the only you in your life and if nothing changes, nothing changes! You are worthy of giving more to yourself. 

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Meet your coach,

Kaila is a Master Practitioner  in NLP, EFT, T.I.M.E Techniques, Hypnosis and Success & Life Coaching.


She has spent years teaching yoga and dance fitness, to bring you a program that is centered around shifting your subconscious processes and integrating movement to help you embody the badass you’ve always wanted to be!

Ground into Your Wild

Enroll in



Consistency doesn’t have to relate to how consistently you fall off a new routine, you can do this love! There will be work involved, but you are more than capable of getting out of your own way to step into your next level. You’ve got this! 

What if I have some questions before I commit?

Do I have to be sober or interested in sobriety to work with you?


asked questions

Is it a weekly program?

It's a six session program that is structured for you. If you prefer to meet weekly, biweekly or every three weeks, you will be responsible for scheduling your 1:1 sessions with me and get to make the program your own.

Book a compatibility call with me and I can answer everything for you! Don’t worry, they’re completely free and if there someone I feel is more suited to help you with your goals, I would be happy to connect you! The most important thing is for you to feel supported.

What if I’ve never done hypnosis or meditation?

That is no problem at all! Hypnosis is simply a deeper state of relaxation, very similar to guided meditation in that you are simply listening passively while in a relaxed position. A lot of people hear meditation and think they need to site in silence for an extended period of time, there are many opinions on meditation and we'll talk about what may work best for you. You will be surprised at how amazing you'll be at both! 

Not at all, while sobriety is a part of my story, it is in no way a requirement or linked directly to your work and healing. 

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Ready to ascend to your

highest self?

If you’re ready to commit to giving yourself the love you so freely give to others, let’s do it babe, you deserve it.

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